Ever been in a different city and needed to find your car? Or the train station? Or your hotel? Needed to find your tent at a festival and just can't work out the right direction to head in? Nobody likes finding themselves walking in circles!

CrowFlies eliminates that problem! You can either save your current location before you set off and CrowFlies helpful compass will always point back towards where you have come from. Or simply mark where you would like to go on a map and have the compass show the way, even if you loose internet connection! CrowFlies also let's you know how far away you are from your chosen point.

This is a great app for those that like to explore new places or meet up with friends in public locations. It can also work as a navigation tool to help get home after a jog or a cycle ride to a new place.

You can set your compass to use either true north or magnetic north. You are able to save your current location at the press of a button or use the map to save points of interest up to four at a time, with the option of upgrading to unlimited points for a small cost.

Direction to your selected waypoint
Distance from your selcted waypoint
Compass ring
Multiple waypoints

Version Description


November 10th, 2012
  • Initial Release


November 15th, 2012
  • Added new functionality
  • - Can add current raw location as a waypoint using a button
  • - Can use raw longitude/latitude or nearest road for new waypoints


November 16th, 2012
  • Fixed bug with waypoint deletion.
  • Added ability to delete a waypoint from main screen.
  • Less stingy with default quantity of waypoints.

Tony Davis

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On this screen:

  • Compass dial
  • Pointer to the selected waypoint
  • Waypoint Information display
  • Navigation buttons to:
    • App store
    • Settings
    • Add waypoint at current location.
    • Add waypoint from map location.
If more than one waypoint has been added. The current waypoint is selected by swiping the waypoint display horizontally.


If the current location button has been pressed on the main screen or raw mode has been selected from the Select Waypoint view the you wil be asked to name the waypoint


The waypoint Information display contains:

  • The waypoint name/map road address.
  • Forget Waypoint button.
  • Crowflies distance to the waypoint from the current location in metres or kilometers.
  • The heading and directional accuracy.
  • The longitude and latitude of the waypoint.
An arrow on the compass dial shows the direction of the waypoint from the current location. A red arc at the point of the arrow provides a visual representation of the heading accuracy.


The waypoint id selected by tapping the map at the desired location. I the map is in Raw mode the point will be exactly where the map was pressed. If the map is in Road mode the waypoint will be at the nearest road location.

The selection button can be used to place the map in map mode or satelite mode or both.


You can choose between using Magnetic or True north for the compass


Here you can purchase extra functionality:

  • No Advertisments
  • Unlimited waypoints. By default the app has four waypoints.


If you attempt to select more that four waypoints this alert is displayed. To solve this problem you can buy unimited waypoints.


Choose your platform:
  • iOS
  • Android coming soon
  • Windows Phone coming soon

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